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What It Means When We Say... (a chica chica glossary)

Define a feeling. Go ahead, pick any feeling you can think of. Happiness? Is happiness really a feeling? I'd say its more of a temporary mental state most usually experienced in a flux between Horny and Spent. Try again. Ooh! Here's one: Grasp the feeling of a ripe peach in your left hand on a misty Sunday morning at a farmer's market across town. Concrete? Now pick a single word, at most two, to define this feeling. Meanwhile feel free to Peruse our glossary of terms:

  • Boomvie- An original Chica Chica Go Boom? Video or Short Film. But broader. Look forward to  Boomvies performed live by gobots. One day...(solitary tear)
  • Freemote- To promote for free. Or to publicize someone or something out of the goodness of your own fart.
  • Honolulu!- Is our non-denominational way of saying Hallelujah! If you don't know what that word means then you're off to a better start than most in life so cheer up. 😜
  • Repped 1-  Someone who gets the full force of our attention for a night or two, we may tweet about them, make a video, just whatever we can do to rep them online or IRL.
  • Imitation Inspirations- Our line of inspiring images designed to uplift the Spirit!