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Thank U 4 Bng An F- An Instrumental Version (holiday repost)

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

thanks for reading/listening/watching/pondering and ignoring us!!!


Nihilism Sacks Relief Efforts In Ferguson

Lightbulb Martin
7 hours ago
Ha ha doesn't do it.
Ha ha can't be it. 
Nothing like Nihilism 
Enlists the whole lament. 
Slack relief in disbelief 
mine of God 
I just figured 
No halo 

Next line no using
phones please and no 
cursing please think 
that's going to piss 
off the young, 
when all they read 
How mellow 
Now trees?

So you think getting 
pregnant tired driving 40 
on the night they drove 
old Dixie down it 
couldn't rain enough for 
me I wanted to see 
their Wagonwheel slats 
stuck up to their humps 
in dreams. It's easy to 
get a palm trimming.
actually think they
read anywhere 
can write some

At least I have a 
motherfucking palm 
yes I'm lying 
in bed now get some
sleep it's who 
they all say you're fucking 
my recording girl 
you took my 
only lighter. 
what God 
touts God 
Routs and tryouts 
buy shouts 
yet still 
Doubts if 
She is really out.
Ha ha! Nihilists won't expound.


Mother and Child Reunion. A PhotoMixed Essay

These are PhotoMixes created with the iOS app Pic Stitch mainly, although some other apps were used in editing the building block photos before they were assembled and visually finalized with Pic Stitch. This photo essay is entitled 'Mother & Child Reunion' because the subjects are in fact mother and daughter, and all of the photos were taken while the two reconciled after not seeing each other for more than four years. One additional note: None of the building block photos nor the subjects themselves were posed in such a way as to benefit the making of the collages. The original photos were candids taken in a hotel room as the two re-engaged. Happily.


SUPER THRIFT STORE SUPER 99 +CENTS. - The Way & How We Will/May Live + Warming Jelly Lubricant


    It is on the way way Western edge of Denver, or perhaps the Easternmost boundary line of Lakewood, Colorado. If you know where you are headed, you can and will find the building pictured above. We can make it a little easier by telling you that the signs reading SUPER THRIFT STORE  SUPER 99 +CENTS exist just West of Sheridan Blvd and slightly South of Evans Ave. Viewing from that particular intersection, the only illumination for a couple of blocks is the giant signs above their doors. Otherwise their vast parking lot is as dark as the 16th century concerning electric light.
    Upon entering this building pictured above I was Baptised anew last night. A baptismal beneath the electricity glowing signs of SUPER THRIFT STORE  SUPER 99 +CENTS. This is not an attempt to blaspheme, comparing shopping at SUPER THRIFT STORE  SUPER 99 +CENTS for the first time to a Holy dip in the River Jordan. Rather it is an attempt to blur and blend. Sitting inside STS S99+¢ is a story. Here shopping transcends its place in life as mere chore (buying vitamins) or passing pleasantry (buying stamps).  STS S99+¢ is its own New thing, a Way & How We all May/Will live. STS S99+¢ Presents/Predicts a certain American future, But is without visible inertia or concern towards making this prediction come to pass. A attitudinal nonchalance almost akin to when events are preordained as in most
     Drift. Caught? Here is a explanation with both feet on shiny buffed tile floors. Imagine any true pricepoint dollar store (where nothing costs more than $1) like Dollar Tree™. Dollar Tree™ and STS S99+¢ are identical in some respects. Both stock Chinese imports, Household goods and other modern necessities, almost everything under the sun can be found at either business. STS S99+¢ differs by actually selling Everything Under the Sun and the proverbial kitchen sink. Meaning the literal proverbial kitchen sink. SUPER THRIFT STORE  SUPER 99 +CENTS is 10 to 15 times the size of your local Dollar Tree™
      Some more examples? STS S99+¢ can provide a human an entire wardrobe. From head to foot, from leopard print imitation leather hunting hat to rhinestone bedazzled Faux cork soled Flip-Flops (née thongs). Need some sorta silky ladies underwear?- always only $1/pair! Now, this clothed human can  list leisurely aisle to aisle into A complete Head Shop- No prejudice for/against any Drug here- Hard, soft, outdated... The proper paraphernalia is present! Suppositories, scarves, scales or balloons. Bullets, batteries, straight glass and empty caps. It is all here to help mankind get, sell, or stay wickedly high.
     To truly illustrate the bewildering omnivorous nature of the SUPER THRIFT STORE  SUPER 99 +CENTS Inventory, an item emblematic of STS S+99¢'s Chinese provenance and complete ignorance of  Colorado purchasing protocol.

     We came across a whole box of Detroit Red Wings branded Zamboni shaped ice scrapers. And Yes we bought the entire box of them at $1 apiece.


New Boomvies On Our Vimeo Channel

Vimeo is quite different from Youtube so you may run across some NSFW content hosted on Vimeo.com


An Incredible Story of Survival

The very fact this photo was taken is a miracle. Even crazier is the fact that Austin Hatch is on a basketball court taking a free throw in this photo. Click the Link to read a young man's tale of incredible sadness and triumphant survival.
Austin Hatch's Incredible Story

Imitation Inspiration Time Again Y'All!!! Vol. VII


Justice in Ferguson

If you cannot be in #Ferguson demanding justice for #MikeBrown pls donate to those who can, here:

We Were Gonna Get Off The Couch 2 Skeet Some Content But...


Is Google Auto-Awesome Really? We Will Monetize Google's Auto-Awesome Always.

Yep. It happened again last night. The Artificially Ineptigent Algorerhythms at Google Plus overdubbed their music on a Tung & Gruv recording session video. What did they tell us to do with it?
Post it, monetize it, promote the hell out of it.