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Happy Halloween From Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios!


Here Is Your Chance 2 Make Out With Tung & Gruv! (make art w/ tung & gruv)

We stumbled across this FB page a little while ago and it seemed legit. Legit enough by our standards, so we decided to go ahead and promote it!
Click 2 Collaborate w/ Tung & Gruv!

In case you've never heard of/from Tung & Gruv here is a playlist of them. Being them. So they're looking for people 2 make out with!
Make art with?
Ok. Is it too late to change that title up there?

You're telling me Collaborate is NOT the same as Copulate?


A Few Photos From Saturday #Denver Urban Avengers #Eff CF!

We had a great time Saturday at the #DenverUrbanAvengers urban race to fight Cystic Fibrosis. 
Below are just a few of the photos we snapped. Love the smiles! 


As Long As Google Creates, We Will Charge Ad Rates.

As long as Google Plus wants to keep making me these auto-awesome movies, we will continue to post them and monetize them.
Thanks Gary Google. Now get back to transcribing our voicemails!


Help Us Fight Cystic Fibrosis! Superhero Scavenger Hunt Sat Oct. 25!

Have you ever wanted to be a Superhero? Or just dress like one while helping the community?
Even if you answered no, come down to Stoney's Bar & Grill this Saturday morning for an old fashioned Costume Party/Scavenger Hunt/Good Cause. Help fight cystic fibrosis and maybe even get lucky by appearing in a Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios Boomvie! We will be filming the hoopla starting @ 9 AM Saturday... So check it out, dress up like a superhero, help raise money and get some   Karma points.
Register Here!
p.s. Use promo code 'Super' to get BOGO when you register...

Denver Urban Avengers – Scavenger Hunt

10 AM October 25th, 2014

Host Site – Stoney’s Bar and Grill

Get your Team Registered Now!

Under 18 must be accompanied by an Adult
We are supporting our good friend and one of Colorado’s Finest, Chad “Kolo” Kolakowski to raise funds and awareness for cystic fibrosis.


Tung & Gruv- A Kiss. The Gist of Which U Missed. (Ruff Cut)

Tung & Gruv is a duo, duet? from Colorado consisting of two forever fast friends fixated on fouling up freedom from Faustian folly once and for all. they did not pay us to say that last sentence. but without printing it we would not have been given the exclusive chance to create the Ruff Cut video of their new song. Whew! watch it a gangbang's amount of times so we can take tonight off.


Last Night at the Denver Art Society

We had the pleasure of visiting the Denver Art Society last night. A wonderful gallery/performance space located at 734 Santa Fe Drive, Denver 80204. please enjoy these videos we shot of a drum circle and much more...


CMCMC 005.3: Autotune My Message. (ending CMCMC week!)

ok folks, there you have it. Now if we can just get CMCMC 006 out before Thanksgiving! 


CMCMC 005.2 (vimeo)

Here is our second Chica Missed Calls Make Content 005 Boomvie.

CMCMC 005.2 from Mr. Dr. on Vimeo.


Chica Missed Calls Make Content 005 (just a little late)

Once again our apologies on the month and a half wait! And now it is time to check on Mr. Google himself, Gary Google, and his attempt to transcribe Autotune Voicemail. Well Judge for yourself,  Here's the transcript...

We're trying. Do, The, and And hey and on the Davis this is. And hey, this is our There are here. All A Hey Tarpley so feels ha moving bye.


We Get Some Email. Some We Can't Forget... 001

From: yourdiamondgrl@yahoo.com
Date: Sep 29, 2014 at 4:33:02 AM MDT
To: Chicachicagoboom@gmail.com
Subject: colorful undie report  
Chicago Boom Boom,
I've noticed a new trend lately in mens fashion. And in order to research it i had to go undercover. What is it you say? Is it jeans? No. Turtleneck sweaters? Not this year. The hottest new trend in mens fashion is bright colorful undergarments.
I first began to notice the rainbow effect in mens underwear late last year. A guy i was dating, lets call him 'Steve', came back from holiday with a whole new wardrobe. Yes, every single pair of boxers, y-fronts, or boxer briefs was colorful. And i mean colorful colorful. Not just red and blue, but hot pink, lime green and bright violet. It was hot! When i asked him why he made the sudden change he said the saleswoman assured him this was the latest and greatest advance in mens undergarments since the bikini brief. So of course he took her advice and bought nearly 25 assorted pairs!
I broke up with 'Steve' about a month later but my last three boyfriends have also joined the color wave. I have consulted all my girlfriends and they report the same thing. Out with the white, in with the bright! Colored undies that is. So why exactly are men so color conscious? Well i believe that its because men of the 21st century are no longer content to remain slaves to their fathers drab, bleached white, boring underwear. Men now realize that being colorful is not just an expression of joy, but a necessity for having fun. Men today are no longer saddled with being serious, lachrymose  monochromatic automatons. And as a woman who loves colored men i say: Its about time! Let your freak flags fly gents! Just make sure you wash them before you wear them over to my house for a polychromatic funderoo fashion show. Because If any boys show up wearing white down under? Out the door they'll go.

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