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Ladies & Gentlemen.. Once again, Our Mission Statement!

Hush Already!
 We got this…
We here at Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios consider ourselves Content Skeeters. And what, you may ask, is a Content Skeeter? Content is what happens between advertisements. And skeeting? In the traditional sense skeeting referred to quickly, messily producing lots of particulate in a rapid, rhythmic fashion. We emulate that model, but since we are Skeeting Content (global inclusive), We don't blow our wad on/with just one type of Content. We engage in ANY different kinds of creation. The written word, a knitted shirt, Grecian greasy beats or your fave Boomvies vidmixed. These are esoteric examples of Content we skeet…
And now…
Our statement of static malfeasance function. (Cuss D'Motto)
Here @ Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios-
IF YOU CAN NAME IT (& barter/pay us 4 IT), WE WILL SKEET IT!
We shall skeet IT for/on/to/around OR with you. So Get @ us.
Where we @?
Our YouTube channel▶️
http://www.YouTube.com/chicachicagoboom is a good start.
Tweet us anything you like @chicachicagoboo Every tweet received will be answered‼️
To get skeeted on properly just show your face at
And for friends o' Zuck?
If you ever find yourself hypoContentic (bored) pay us a click. We will constantly have something new skeeting down the pole at you.
Promise. 🙌

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