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Dost Thou Dare Doubt Who We Repped 1? Capton Pacman

More from our Repped 1 Capton Pacman

Tonight our very first ever Chica Chica Repped 1

So what exactly does it mean, you ask, to be a Chica Chica Repped 1? Well we basically throw our collective freemote out the window for a night and only work to publicize the artist who has been selected. Tonight it is CaptonPacman and we love him, so let's just take a listen now...
More to Come!

I think I'm finally getting the hang of ...

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I think I'm finally getting the hang of this thing! #segway
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CMCMC 004 - Gary Google takes the day off...

And there you have it! Thanks Gruv for being our first, and best, musical Chica Missed Calls Make Content. Of course now is when we usually have Mr. Google, Gary Google, and his always accurate transcription of the CMCMC. Well Gary didnt even try to transcribe this one... he said something about if he's unable to read music, how on earth would he be able to write it?
Do you want to hear your voice in a video online? Then call us @ 313.744.3031 and
tell us something fiduciary. we'll do the rest!


Thaïs si bot goinfre To ne Eastwood

This is not going to be easy. 

Now she knows I'm awake. 
I should record this.
Or just turn the music up.
Something I could tell her
That would blow her mind
Or her faith.
And then the cats would stay. 
But how quickly I forget
Nothing ever goes away.

Why bother good? 
When bad is here to play. 
How quickly I forget
Nothing ever goes away

When home becomes a hindrance
And roots reveal decay.
Turn the other cheek I speak. 
Blessings enfilade.

Well I'll go tell her that she was just.
And I the loss of a loss of trust.

Screaming so much it reads down time. 
Stop trying to help because I am the up every Read 
damn time. 
Want to make sure that the cats-
You must've erased it already
United is the first time 
she's ever sent me. 
But how quickly I forget. 
Nothing ever goes away.

Why bother life?
When if it's here to stay
How quickly We'll forget. 
Nothing ever goes away

Pour Ree, ma bon vivant piquant!


Chica Missed Call Makes Content 003

No Flash? No prob! Watch it here

as always, give us a call at 313.744.3031 and leave us a message. it may end up showcased right here. If it does, Mr. Google will transcribe it too! Take it away Gary...

"Hey, so check this out, so I've been looking for and spaces I think I've got some really cool. I'm gonna go check out with that. Tuesday. Eric, I think air. Org later if you wanted to join us. They between, so it's been cold by display already have all the requested there reset rent a car. What he got hit. The know what the options rented by the hour which is fricking awesome to get this So I asked him why did she address. The address is next Tuesday. Bye Whatever dry. I would like you are. Keating. He did this is sabrina got or what talk to you soon."


Chica Missed Calls Make Content 002

For those of us who don't Flash websites click here to listen...

Yesterday we missed out on the transcript to the voicemail. Turns out that Mr. Google himself, Gary Google, does all the transcribing for Google Voice. So thanks Gary! Here's his transcript.

"Sorry I missed you but yeah a room, you wanted me to tell you this. You know the breeze at Don and Secrets to tell you don't go back to sleep now, ask for what you really want. Don't call back to sleep. But. Actually supplying conflict.Yeah. Please."


Chica Missed Calls Made Content 001

Welcome to a new kind of skeet. We want you to call us. Whenever. If you leave us a message that tells us something interesting, the whole world may just see and hear it next. So give us a call @ 313.744.3031.
Those of us without Flash can listen here...

Dream Concert



Who Does... No, Why For? But...Nah! More Like WTF Is Chica Chica Go Boom? Really.

Ok. Hush Already! 
We got this... 

We here at Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios consider ourselves Content Skeeters. And what, you may ask, is a Content Skeeter? Content is what happens between advertisements. And skeeting? In the traditional sense skeeting referred to quickly, messily producing lots of particulate in a rapid, rhythmic fashion. We emulate that model, but since we are Skeeting Content (global inclusive), We don't blow our wad on/with just one type of Content. We engage in ANY different kinds of creation.  The written word, a knitted shirt, Grecian greasy beats or your just your fave Boomvies vidmixed. These are admittedly some examples exotique of Content we skeet but truly all things are possible if they are conceivable. 

And now comes
Our Statement of Static Malfeasance Function. 
(A Real Cuss D'Motto) 

Here @ Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios- 
If You can NAME IT (& barter/pay 4 IT), we can SKEET IT! We will GLADLY skeet anywhere on/near/around or even with you.
So Get @ Us!

But Where R We @ ex-Zactly?

Our YouTube channel▶️ 
is always a good spot to start. Expect new Boomvies and
Vidmixes once or twice a week. Depending on our bio-rhythms of course.


Prizes will be awarded 4 tweets of especially ample or dubious complexion.  Remember folks!
Todos/Tous/All the tweets we receive 
will be personally responded to. Always.

Finally just show your face on
This site is our online skeeting gallery + homebase/virtual makespace

Did we almost forget about our Friends o' Zuck? 
is our offshore casino floating in the sea of FB.

So If you EVER find yourself drifting towards the hypoContentic (Bored) 
just pay us a click. We constantly have new Content Skeeting down the pole.