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Lyrics to the newest Mr. Dr. Track

Mama Told Me Never With A Blonde from Mr. Dr. on Vimeo.,

Mama told me never...

Fall in love with a blond girl

God above
Seemed to say the same thing
But I ignore my God and yours
never meant --it to me
Now this blond girl
she makes me half
as good as I can be
Or is it bad
to say?
All I want is today.

Start over start all over
Is it something different
1-2-3 go!

Mama told me don't you
ever fall in love with a blond girl
Lord above he
would be so angry.
The blonde is bad enough
don't let her B White!
No that just ain't right
but I had to
put up a fight
with my God and I
don't care about yours
going to stick with her for sure
She makes me so complete.
I didn't know I was empty
until she filled me up
now my cup overruns
with formless fullness grace
And I see her face in my dreams
Yeah she's wearing my
favorite pair of blue jeans.

Now on your knees
Mel kneads
Happy birthday girl from
You it means a lot that you stuck
around by my side cuz you knew I'd
be alright someday.
How do you know
something I didn't know myself I
was ready to retire
put myself up on the shelf
But you made me
Come back out and I'm
so damn glad I did
With you I'm finally rid
of all The pain.
Oh My heart is
a crane it
keeps reaching out to give
love love love
Whatever love you
give to me is multiplied
And it pours forth
like the sun Shines
a need.